Fitness Motivator

Jarad Lott

Who am I? I’m your Fitness Motivator! A southern man from Houston, Tx living in the Big Apple(NYC). Growing up in a competitive and athletic family, I was always involved in sports. I played football throughout high school. It embedded an affinity of  discipline, persistence, and overcoming adversity. Although I was an athlete, my passion for dance and performing arts was always evident. My talents were showcased when opportunities presented themselves, but never my main outlet of expression. Struggling with finding my identity, I suppressed my artistic & creative talents afraid they would somehow overshadow who I thought I was suppose to be. It wasn’t  until college that I really started to embrace and fully showcase my talents. I began to understand who I was and accepting my gifts more and more.


Attending an HBCU made this transformation of self discovery much more poignant. After college I followed the traditional route of “following your degree” by working in corporate America. I had my bachelors in Business Mgmt & Mrkt. Although I excelled in business, I quickly understood corporate America wasn’t for me. I knew I was supressing my passions and purpose in this world. I conquered my fear a few years later, took a leap, and moved to NYC.  Subsequently, my relocation allowed me to  spread my wings and embark deeper into my fitness career.


Always struggling with being too small, too skinny, over shadowed and overlooked, I dove into changing my mindset. This created a transformation of mind, body, and soul with fitness. Through this journey, I  have strengthened my mentality, transformed my body, and boosted my confidence.  I have discovered my purpose in motivating and inspiring others. My self discovery is my testimony and proof that it could be done. I  wanted others around me to have this same feeling because we are All The Lit Fit Movement. I left corporate America, climbed my ranks as a instructor at some of the top studios and gyms in NYC, stacked up my certifications, built a community, and “viola” here we are now with the “Lit Fit Movement”.


The story is still being written ❤️

“Ignite Your Inner Flame”

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